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Deena Rose

Happiness Series

I am fascinated by how color can have a real effect on your mood and state of mind… and how opacity plays into that equation. The intention of each of these pieces is to bring joy and happiness in your space – no matter the size.

I am constantly mindful of what I can control – the color, my brush marks, the materials – and what I cannot control – how the pigment settles on the paper, how the paper warps under the saturation of the water. All with the intention of finding the beauty in the unknown.

Making a Mark

In this series, I purposefully lost control of the paint – allowing the pigments of different brush strokes mix into each other in order to create a feeling of connection.


Inspired by the movement of the ocean and the colors of Maui, this series works to capture the beauty of water. Using the wet-on-wet technique, I allowed the paint to move through the water – tilting the paper to encourage movement and flow.

Chaos & Snuggles Series

For me, circles remind me of hugs and chaos.

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